Getting back to two wheels!!

Hello my darlings I hope you all had an amazing weekend & a great start to your week!

so your probably wondering what the hell my blog post title is about ?! well angels, I used to ride a motorbike and after riding for 4 years I decided it was time to sell her and crack on with my driving test, it was a hard decision in one part because she was my therapist, my hobby and my little bit of me time. And of course it was also a fairly easy decision to sell her because driving meant I could of course take my little boy out on trips, on the school run (when weather was super miserable) and to see friends and family. now your probably like oh wow ok isn’t a bike a bit risky? well yes of course its risky but many of the accidents that occur are ones that are caused by other road users failing to look properly for bikes. On the other hand after riding I found I had already become twice more aware and twice as vigilant, having been on both sides.

Now seeing as ive been driving for a little while I thought it was time to get back on a motorbike… but this time I’m going for my direct access (DAS)! (yippee!!) so this means I am getting my bike licence (cat A) and am doing this in 2 parts, first a mod 1 and then a mod 2.

Um so what’s a mod 1&2?

The mod 1 is the practical test modules, where you undertake a series of exercises, showing your ability to control and use your bike safely and correctly.even though your mod 1 is carried out in a training area, you would treat it as if you were on the road.

The mod 2 is the bit on the road, so very similar to your driving test where you will go in the direction your instructor tells you to go and there is a small part of independent riding.

if you pass both? welcome to heaven!! a beautiful array of bikes in all shapes colours and engine sizes!! this is one of my personal favourite things!

I carried out my 1 day of training for my mod 1 last sunday and it was absolutely incredible!!! it really was such a big difference and has got me very excited to start my journey of getting back to two wheels!!

so there you have it my darlings. I hope you enjoyed this , stay tuned as I am going to be doing a special series of posts all around mental health, my first one will be about postnatal depression and as someone who has suffered with it I am eager to get into it and try give you some (hopefully) useful information on the illness.

Thank you for taking time to read and take care!






So my darlings I am starting a new venture on YouTube. There is so much I want to write and sometimes I wish I could just say it.. so YouTube seemed like another fab way of expressing my passion for blogging and all the things I love sharing with you all. I will be addressing mental health as this is particularly close to my heart and as I work within this field of work I thought it may be helpful to some of you. Please check it out give it a thumbs up and subscribe my angels Id be so so grateful!



The New Sainsbury’s skin care range review!

So, as someone who loves beauty I also love those days (more often than not) of being able to just lounge around, or leave the house (if I’m in a rush) with no makeup on…but this being said is hard to do sometimes when our skins not looking too hot! (right ladies?!)

I am always trying to find ways to keep blemishes away and just improve my skins health in general, although I know this has just as much to do with what we put into our bodies aswell as what we put onto our skin, I find it a bit of a struggle at times getting those 1-2 litres of water into my daily routine (It isn’t that hard Christina?!)yet coffee goes down like a treat….. anyways! With the Colder months taking even more of a toll on our skin, what better time to invest in a few new skin care goodies? So after seeing Sainsbury’s had released a new range called ” My skin matters” in my local store, I decided to pick up and try out a few and have been so excited to share my honest opinions with you all! The products I am listing are also all cruelty free! (bonus!) So my angels without further ado…


My skin matters : purify range

This was the first item I chose and I loved how it looked the bottle is sleek and simple and  I think it was only about £2. It’s a 250 ml bottle so a fair amount for the price, it is a gel so its something I personally hadn’t used because usually its cleansing water and gel I thought must go a little farther because of its consistency (scientific thinking Christina! good job!)It  also doesn’t really have a smell to it incase like me you have to smell things before you buy them… so it instructs to “Apply one pump of product to a cotton pad and gently smooth over entire face and neck, no rinsing is required” And me being me didn’t read first and used 2 pumps, let me tell you one pump is more than enough! it’s a lovely thick gel and picks up all traces of makeup and dirt on the skin, however I did find my skin felt rather dry almost immediately after, so I’m not sure if I would still just rinse for good measure.



by Sainsbury’s fresh-faced refreshing facial wash

The next item I found was this little gem, this one isn’t part of the my skin matters range but once again cheap and simple so a bargain (which lets be honest we all love!)  I am however always a little sceptical that these cheaper face washes etc. wont smell great and since they are going on the face and I just personally find I like them to smell pretty? if that’s a thing? (ha-ha) But hallelujah it smells beautiful, I’m not so sure because of it having slight fragrance that someone with delicate skin or sensitive skin wont get on so well with it, so it may be worth baring this in mind.




My skin matters: purify range toner

last but not least one of my favourite parts of my cleansing routine , the toner! this is very simple, it once again doesn’t really have any fragrance to it, but it makes my skin feel nicely toned and refreshed, you also don’t need a ton of this and it instructs the same as the cleansing gel and with not needing to rinse after use etc.  Again I think this was around the £1.50 – £2.00 mark so value for money and does what it says on the bottle!



I hope this has helped some of you or given you some insight to these products, if you have already tried them or are thinking of doing so, let me know what you thought in the comments angels.

Until next time guys and girls!










Hello my darlings!

Where are you from?

I was actually born in gibraltar but am from wiltshire.


16th of april/ Aries

What are you here to do?

So beautiful people I am here to bring you a mix of blog posts involving, Beauty, lifestyle, fitness, reviews, motherhood and a touch of sparkle!

Why did you begin blogging?

I am beginning this journey because i have always loved to write since i was very young, its something im very passionate about and seeing as there are so many fabulous platforms to share the things i love i thought it was time to put it out there and connect with some of you darlings.

What are some of your favourite things?

Well materialistically speaking i would have to say coffee is a big one, i absoloutely adore a freshly made latte . I also love lounge wear if i could live in it, i would! ( ladies can i get an amen?!)

What can we look forward to if we stick around?

Well i already have my first skincare review drafted for you and will always be giving you something to look forward to with my content on all the things ive listed that ill be writing about, from beauty reviews, fitness related chats or tips tricks and hacks ! I do hope to see you all back here again angels!

P.s If you have any questions leave a comment and ill be sure to write back!